About Us

We are a God loving, people caring and life embracing couple. These are goals we (with the help of Gods Spirit) work on every day! There is always something to learn when it comes to God, people and life. We consider Jesus to be the best role model when it comes to these three aspects of life. So our day to day activities consist of:

  • – Learning about the life of Jesus
  • – Learning to be like Jesus and
  • – Teaching the life of Jesus in practical ways.

The best way to get to know Jesus (and God) is by studying the Bible and to be practical about it.
The best way to learn how to love people is to interact, grow and let go.
The quickest way to embrace life is by not letting it be shaped by our circumstances, but by our principles.

What we do?
Steven founded Harvest Ministries back in 2000. Starting with a small group in our living room, it soon grew to become a ministry with 7 churches in the Netherlands and one in Surinam (South America). Speaking engagements and writing books books have been our main focus. It’s only since March 2013 that we have started to share the message with the world through the means of the internet.
We started with the discipleship movements Gideon Global Network and The Woman I Am in 2012. In 2013 we merged these two movements together under the Harvest Global Ministries flag.

Why a movement?
We (and countless others) are sensing a wave of change that is sweeping throughout the Body of Christ. The ‘old’ way of Church is making way for the New Testament kind of gathering and reaching out to each other and the world.
Believers are also shifting the focus from their own wellbeing, to the wellbeing of the whole world. It’s not just about being settled and having everything to live a comfortable life. It’s about preparing the world for Jesus’ revealing.

Do you do anything else?
We sure are! We’re cheering for Omer, Jered, Sephora and Nathan, our kids, as they make their way through life.
Some of our other activities are:
– Making music
– Singing
– Cooking
– Enjoying the rain fall in the tropics
– Marveling at God’s creation
– Playing soccer and tennis

Feel free to browse this site for free resources and our experiences in this process of change.


Steven & Sharon Badal