Adam, where are you? Part 1

“A few good men” was the first title I thought of for this post. But then I said to myself: “Wait a minute! There are lots of great men out there. They take complete responsibility for their lives, actions and family.” It may seem like there’s only a handful of them when we look at the number of men in prison. Negativity always seems to get the most attention. Even in the news. That’s why it’s no surprise that these numbers overshadow the number of men who leave a positive mark in today’s society. We hear or read a lot about the many high school dropouts who don’t know how to use their skills and talents, because their fathers abandoned them. My thoughts are with those who died because of the reckless behavior of men in traffic. Why does it seem like we only have a few good men in this world?


Adam where are you?

Where did it all begin? Adam was supposed to be the role model for manhood. But when he failed to take responsibility for his actions, there was a shift. We’ll talk about this in part two of this post. Adam knew what his responsibility was in the Garden of Eden. And he did what he had to do, at first. Then Eve came, and we know how the story goes… Right? Both men and women have their thoughts and opinions about the event in the Garden of Eden. Did you know that Adam and Eve were both responsible for what happened in the garden? When it came to the forbidden fruit, both Adam and Eve failed to accept responsibility for their thoughts and actions. Eve was seduced by the serpent and Adam was with her the whole time. But Adam didn’t say a word. He just let it happen. When God entered the garden for their daily evening fellowship, Adam and Eve went into hiding.


Here’s where the blaming started

When Adam had to answer the question if he had or had not eaten of the forbidden fruit, he pointed his finger at Eve and blamed her. Adam failed to accept responsibility three times. First when Eve was being seduced, then came the eating of the fruit and a third time when he blamed her for the circumstances he was in. You might say that he couldn’t have known what he was doing. But when God made Adam, he told him what his responsibility was to cultivate and protect the garden. We’ll talk about Eve’s responsibility in a different post. I promise! For now we are focusing on our own behavior and responsibility as men.Smile



Okay! Let’s talk about some of these responsibilities. Men are:

  • Initiators: A man initiates the building of a house. When it’s finally finished, a woman makes it a home. The same goes for making babies. It’s the seed of a man that initiates the process, and a woman nourishes and cherishes the fruit until the baby is fully formed.
  • Providers: Adam had to work the land, so provisions could be supplied. That’s why men love to work hard (Correction: most of them love to work hardSmile).
  • Protectors: Everything in a man was shaped to protect. His strength, his energy and … lots and lots of testosterone!
  • Fathers (Caretakers): According to the Bible, fathers are supposed to raise their children. But how often do we send our children straight to their mother when they have a question. How often do we take the time to teach our children?
  • Role models: A man teaches his son how to be a man and gives his daughter a great example of how her future husband should treat her. It’s no secret that the majority of boys and girls who get off the right track, lack a father figure while growing up.

Do you agree that men have a great responsibility? We’ll talk about the role of women and mothers in another post, we promise ladies! This post is for the men. Do you have a man in your life?  Maybe you can encourage him to read this.


What happens when men fail to take up responsibility?

Just look around. Many of us are from broken homes, have broken relationships and broken hearts. Young men are struggling to find their way through life. Older men look back upon their lives and wish they could have done a much better job. Women don’t know how they should be treated and end up in abusive relationships. I know I’m generalizing right now…

But I am convinced that our societies need men to stand up and take their place. Someone has to accept responsibility and say: ‘It stops here! I wasn’t raised by my father, but I will not let my children grow up without knowing me! There was nobody who could teach me how to be a man. I’ll teach myself!’

You didn’t choose to be born as a man. But God did and He has a special plan for you. When you start taking up responsibility for your life and your family, you will see the change in and around you. Why not start today?

The Bible says in Psalms 126:6: “He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” With other words, starting something good will cost you, but in the end you will harvest great satisfaction and joy!