Our first blogpost! Hooray…

We’ve been longing for this day. To share with you what we’ve been experiencing here in Surinam.  It has been a fruitful month and a half (almost 2). While working on the legal stuff for this extended visit to our home country, we started with the ‘Harvest Global Network’.

Every Monday night there is a network meeting. It sounds like a business meeting, but it’s not. Our gathering feels like what is described in the book of Acts. We pray for each other’s needs, we eat and drink and share how the past week has been. There is room for encouragement and everyone partakes in the meeting. Our focus is twofold: growing into maturity in Christ and making disciples.

It’s not that the group runs around town and force people to listen to what we have to say. It’s about sharing Christ’s love right where we are: in the group, at home, the office, in our social network and with everyone whom God’s Spirit lays upon our hearts. We focus on what people’s needs are and share with them what Jesus has done for us.

Large and small miracles have been taking place. We’ll share one for now…  A friend of one of our group members, asked him to accompany him on a visit to his gardener. He was in hospital and the doctors had given up on him. One prayer and a healing process started. And now the gardener is even helping us with our garden… Smile

We promise to share more of our adventures here in Surinam. For now, we’re keeping our first post short and simple. Please visit our ‘Free Resources’ section. For more information about ‘Harvest Global Network’, click on the Networks link! Feel free to comment…