Pay It Forward

By daily practicing these 3 steps, we can reach out to people in need. You do not have to look far. All around you there are people in need. When you start helping people, keep in mind that it’s not just about the solution. Sometimes we can not even solve someone’s problem. All we can do is pray and be there for the them. However, by being there for them, you give them a glimpse of hope! They will come to understand that there still are people out there who care about others. They will feel empowered and hope gives life! And who knows, maybe they will start to apply this when they encounter people in their own environment who need help.

If you are someone in need, we would like to encourage you to tell someone what you need. You can even sent us a private message. We will help where we can. But remember to pay it forward!

HGN in 3 steps:

HGN Engels

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