Summarizing 6 months in Surinam

HGN Suriname

It has been a time of teaching and learning in Surinam. We will definitely be back! There’s more work to do and Harvest Global Network (HGN) isn’t just for those who are a part of Harvest Ministries. We shared this idea of Harvest Global Network with a lot of people who are active in their own place of worship. They came across our website and where very interested in our activities in Suriname. After going through the manual they were inspired to start this in their own environment, in their own time and pace. We’re waiting for a picture of the group that is currently gathering in the inlands of Suriname. It’s a group of 8 men, who got inspired to start through the work of Harvest Global Network.

What is Harvest Global Network?

This is a network of people, gathering during the week and impacting each other and society.

Key characteristics:

  1. Groups of 12 people (this varies),
  2. Everyone is a participant,
  3. Everyone gets to grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and in specific areas of their personal life. We focus on social assistance, finances and relationship management,
  4. The group functions as a family,
  5. Everyone shares his or her life experience,
  6. Everyone is active and
  7.  Growing in Christlikeness and helping others in need.

You can access the manual here for more indebt information.

Why start this project when you have a church?

All around the world people are starting to gather with ‘discipleship’ as their main focus. We believe that this movement flows straight out of Gods heart. And when His Spirit moves, we (gladly) want to follow. Church stress, manmade routines and focusing on a relatively small group of people who take the lead on Sunday, fade to the background.

We have experienced that spiritually, people grow much faster in this Harvest Global Network setting. In the church setting we knowingly or unknowingly tent to make people more dependent on leaders. In a HGN group setting, everyone is responsible for his or her own spiritual growth in Christ. We simply help each other to reach personal and group goals: growing in Christlikeness and making disciples for Christ.

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